Mar 04, 2020

The Future of Infrastructure Management

The Future of Infrastructure Management: The IT Infrastructure Landscape

#Infrastructure Management

In January 2019, we conducted a study around the Future of Infrastructure Management, exploring the various infrastructure and data trends that are taking place and the impact they have on

Mar 03, 2020

Overcoming Endpoint Challenges

Overcoming Endpoint Challenges: Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

#IT Security

In January 2019, we conducted a study around Endpoint Security & Management, designed to help identify the most urgent information security challenges, as well as what kinds of tools are used to

Sep 18, 2018

State of Emergency

State of Emergency: Addressing the Changing Landscape of Patient Care in the ED

#Emergency Department Analytics

Increasing complex and competitive healthcare environments are changing the way emergency departments are addressing the needs of their patients and staff. ED leaders are being tasked and challenged to lead the new era of transformation, with timely, actionable, and trusted information to help monitor performance in order